1-18W 1-10V Dimmable 350mA Constant Current LED Driver

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Input Voltage (V) 220-240V AC 50/60Hz V
Output Voltage (V) 350mA V
Nominal Power (VA) 1-18W VA
Line Current (A) 0.400 A
Max Ambient Temp (deg. C) 45 deg. C
Max Case Temp (deg. C) 75 deg. C
Length (mm) 169 mm
Width (mm) 38 mm
Height (mm) 28 mm
Product Weight 0.120 Kg


240V CE Class 2 Equipment Equipment for Indoor Use Independent Converter LED Light Source Over Heating Protection to 110 Degrees Safety Isolating TransformerSELV Series Wheelie BinROHS - Compliant
  • Dimmable constant current LED driver for use with 350mA LEDs Use AU-DSPLED 1-10V Dimmer to control (up to 40 – AU-LEDD16CC) 350mA Constant current output Suitable for the supply of 3-18 1W LEDs 2 series circuits with 1-9 LEDs each Overload protection Short-circuit protection Thermal protection Loop-in, loop-out primary wiring terminals Integrated earth terminal for earth continuity No junction box required 1.0kV SURGE PROTECTION – EN 61547 Safety compliance – EN 61347 EMC compliance – EN 55015, EN 61000, EN 61547 Dimmable Series wiring only 3 Year guarantee