Klik 4 Pin Plug IN Ceiling Rose
  • Name: Klik 4 Pin Plug IN Ceiling Rose
  • Code: ASHLEY CR64AX
  • Manufacturer:
  • Category: Wiring Accessories

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KLIK 4 PIN PLUG IN CEILING ROSE Ashley Klik CR64AX 6 Amp Plug-In Ceiling Rose. With the klik connector system luminaires can be plugged in, in seconds, in absolute safety, without circuit isolation. All live contacts are inaccessible and the earthing connection is made before any other. The non-wander design prevents disconnection of the plug from its socket by vibration or snatch withdrawals. Strong load grips provide support for luminaires up to 5kg, so all types and sizes of luminaires can be safely used. Complies with BS 6972 and BS 5733.