DIMPLEX RXPW4 4 Zone Pilot Wire 24hr/ 7Day Programmer

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The Dimplex 4-zone programmers will provide control your complete heating system. You can programme each zone in the system with a custom 7 day time programme, allowing for complete control. Dimplex RXPW4 and RXMBS4 wall mounted programmers are compatible with MontereyGironaEPXEVSRPX and Apollo  ranges of electronic panel heaters DuoHeat radiators.

Dimplex RXPW4 Programmer Features:

* Wall Mounted
* Mains Powered Units
* Pilot Wire Or Mains Borne Signalling Options
* 4 Zones – Each With Separate Customisable User Programme For Each Day
* Installer Configurable – Option To Allow Switching Between Comfort/Setback Modes
* Comfort/Off modes or Comfort/Frost protection modes.
* Manual Programme Over-ride Facility
* Continuous Comfort
* Frost Protection & Off Modes*
* Holiday (time absence) Mode
* Easy To Install & Configure
* Models RXPW4 (pilot wire) & RXMBS4 (mains borne signalling).
* Compatible With – Monterey, Girona, EPX, RPX, Apollo & DuoHeat

Note: * Off mode not applicable for DuoHeat.

Note: For MBS option, RX9913 receiver cassettes are required for each panel heater or RX03002 for each DuoHeat radiator.

Note: A mains filter RXMBSF4 is required for use with MBS controller and DuoHeat radiators, in addition to an RX03002 (which includes RXFER4 ferrite core) receiver for each DuoHeat radiator.

Guarantee Terms:

Extra care must be taken to avoid damaging the Dimplex Programmer. Dimplex offer a 1 year guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials (excluding serviceable parts, neglect or abuse).