HAMILTON 741X60 Dimmer Switch 1G 600W

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Hartland Satin Steel Push On/Off Dimmer 1 gang 2 way 600W max 100W min. Standard Insert will be Satin Steel.

Model 74 P1X600
Primary Range Hartland
Insrt P1X600
Plate material Metal
Size (single) height 88mm
Size (single) width 88mm
Size (single) depth 5mm
Box fixing hole centres 60.3mm
Minimum wall box depth 35mm
Wattage 600W
Current rating 2.5 Amp
Voltage 220/250V AC
Max load 600W resistive
Mains Frequency 50Hz
IP rating IP2XD
Switched Poles Single
Terminal Capacity 1 2 x 1mm2
Terminal Capacity 2 2 x 1.5mm2
Earth Terminal Capacity 1 5 x 1mm2
Earth Terminal Capacity 2 4 x 1.5mm2
Earth Terminal Capacity 3 3 x 2.5mm2
Earth Terminal Capacity 4 1 x 4mm2 Multi-Strand
Earth Terminal Capacity 5 1 x 6mm2
Product Class 1 Face plate must be earthed
Ambient Operating Temperature -5° to +40°C
Recommended Location Indoor use only
Max installation Altitude 2000m
BS EN ISO Standard BS 5518
Additional Notes : * Denotes LEADING EDGE TECHNOLOGY DIMMERS. Resistive dimmers are suitable for control of incandescent lamps. When dimming GU10 type mains halogen or linear halogen lamps the dimmers need to be derated by 25%. When used for dimming low voltage electronic halogen transformers it must be noted that the dimmer controls the primary side of the transformer. It is important that you seek advice from the transformer manufacturer that their transformers are suitable to be dimmed by a leading edge type dimmer and that it is compatible with a Hamilton manufactured resistive leading edge dimmer. Inductive dimmers are suitable for dimming Laminated or Toroidal type low voltage halogen transformers only.
Patents And Trademarks Trade Mark No. 2344778