Programmable 24hr Digital Timer Module

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Programmable 24 hour digital timer: RX24Ti and RX24TiB

Programmable 24 hour time control; panel heater can be configured to its own individual operating programme.

  • Plugs directly into panel heater
  • 4 programmable time periods, switching heater between on/off modes
  • Programme advance and manual override features
  • 1 timer required per heater
  • Cassette can be removed from heater for easy programming
  • Back lit LCD with powersave mode
  • Programmes saved in memory for 12 hours in event of power failure
  • Quick start user guides printed on rear of programming cassette
  • Available in white (RX24TI) or black (RX24TIB)
  • Compatible with Monterey, Girona, Saletto and EPX
rx24tib - black 24hr programmer

RX24TIB – Black 24hr ProgrammerRX9911 1 ZONE PILOT WIRE PROGRAMMERRX24TI – White 24hr Programmer